The e-Assessment is provided directly by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. The service is developed completely online (skype). But if you are living or visiting the same location LUIS is at, you are welcome to meet him for an assessment session.

An e-Assessment session utilizes modern systemic tools for analysis, score lines and matrix which describe at least 9 potential development stages.

Through simple questions and answers the customer will by his/her/its own idenify own development status, main goals, and perceive potential further development stages.

Luis awareness, consciousness, perception,experience, ability to utilize the systemic tools are key for the e-assessment.
The questions LUIS will ask to you, will help you mirror yourself with precision, self-love, understanding and a fearless positive perception of your life process. Luis empathic ability and knowledge regarding human factor, personal development and spiritual development, will help you advance your own with a quantum jump.

Luis focus on self-mastery, and empowering individuals realize their capacity for developing own self. self-knowledge, personal development with authonomy, self-education.

For LUIS, the participation of a trainer, coach, mentor, has only a temporary function, until the customer become enough self-confident and skilfull to utilize self-assessment tools, and e-learning materials.

Luis will also advice you on the ideal methods, trainings or services for your case.

In order to start any training program, or e-coaching sessions, a first e-Assessment is mandatory.