CGE – Culture Generation Engine & Primordial Mathematics

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Along 2017, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken has published several books that demonstrate how the primordial archetypes which utilize primordial symbolic language, in combination with geometric structures that utilize cyphers, as for the representation of a systemic perception of human, natural and artificial phenomena, describe the elements of a CGE – Culture Generation Engine.

A set of rules and principles that would induce in the collective human (culture, community, family) certain behavior, preferences, perceptions, choices, judgement of value, and a type of collective intelligence, which will evolve/develop itself on time. A CGE needs of  5 to 9 generations to become stable and capable of self-generation.

The study of primordial mathematics on the CGE, gives to the researcher a new perspective on how ancient culture and civilizations utilized and maybe designed CGE, and on how can modern CGE be designed for the development of a global culture and advancement of a global civilization.