What is a teacher?


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, answers the question: What is a teacher?

QUOTE: ” A teacher focus on collaboration with the student skills, capacity, potential, and through the process of direct or indirect teaching, visible or invisible, guides the students through the process necessary to reach the highest potential.

By actualizing own potential, the student become capable of emotional self-management, self-knowledge, self-leadership, self-learning, self-awareness, and of thinking, making choices, strategy and acting out of the box.

At this point the student becomes capable to stand the knowledge available and perceivable to him within, and that one made visible in the process of interaction with the student environment, life time line, interests and life, the reality of the student itself.

A teacher is aware of the fact that knowledge can not be transferred not given, as knowledge is not information, but the foundation that make it possible for an individual or collective to apply information, through skills, and interaction with reality. That kind of ability, can not be transferred, but build. Which is the main purpose of the collaboration between the student and the teacher.

In that sense, the student may profit from teacher experience, information, skills, expertise, wisdom, but in particular of the teacher ability to teach.”