How useful an idea could be ?

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken answers: How useful an idea could be ?

QUOTE: ” An idea is result of a particular perception, possible thanks to certain unique skills available in the individual or collective of them that carry or create such of an idea.

Emotional intelligence for instance, intuition, wisdom, life experience, information, cultural conditions, age, knowledge, technical skills, and other unique qualities brought together into the instant of perception, at a given moment in time and circumstance, may make an idea possible to rise.

An idea is not only a conceptual elaboration or intellectual insight, it is the result of the life path and synergetic convergence of all that the individual is and carry with own self.

In that sense, an idea may become the trigger of a change of perception, or of a change in society, culture, business or government, an instruction or guidelines, a reference that may be even taken by a family, community or generation; an idea could change one’s individuals life, inspire the most unique discoveries, create bridges between disciplines, events in history, cultures, individuals, knowledge; an idea could become an strategic movement that may even save the life of one or many, or even of one species.

An idea, could become the path of a man, of a nation, it could create the destiny of a culture or even trigger a quantum leap of consciousness, expand awareness, bring individuals to own hearts and lives.

An idea, may be just a metaphor, a message, an image, a sound, or a poem, or even a math. theory, a model, a chart, or a graph, a draw or an elaborated description of a thought, a perception, emotion, experience, observation, interaction, or theory.

An idea, could be the inspiration necessary for a scientist, an entrepreneur, a leader, to do that little one more step that suddenly would become the summit of own journey.

An idea could become the first step, the path and the destination. That is how important ideas could be, become or have been, in the life of human beings. “