How to improve critical thinking ?

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken answers the question: How to improve critical thinking ?


” I consider that a training on perception, thinking out of the box and emotional intelligence, would help students learn how their subconscious self plays around with their conscious self. Eventually through those trainings students may develop the necessary skills to mange their subconscious reality consciously and objectively

I think this is a first step, necessary, before asking a student to engage into any form of critic of any given experience, perception, circumstance or reality.

Critical thinking in my experience as teacher, arises out of direct experience into the field of tangible action, by exercising perception, decision making, strategy, risk management. The experience gain by doing, playing or creating gives to student enough background in order to become wiser and notice the reality they do face.

Conceptual thinking, intellectual argumentation, elaboration, or emotional passionated discussion may not be enough for approaching reality, which is more complex; in terms of everything in the individual (culture, education, perception..) and his surrounding circumstance or environment, that influences it/him/her on the perception of “reality”.

Self-honesty and honesty, are good practices, to take the things for all they are.

Reality, finally, at its foundation, can be correctly understood along survival trainings. the individual, observer, experiencer reality and the reality of a given situation that needs to be faced.

Critical thinking skills comes into hand very quick when needed under critical and radical needs of them for survival.

Yet a more advanced training i would suggest: matrix thinking, parallel thinking, Matrix 9+ strategic board game, the practice of yoga, martial arts or even dance improvisation and self awareness.”