The Academy follows an ancient modality of teaching through the study of nature laws, principles, cycles and rhythms; study of the human potential (human factor) and futurist study of technology and knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations. Back to nature, with a visionary futurist and humanist perspective, the focus on the school is to bring by to its students a path towards self-management and self-knowledge.

The Method followed by the academy is of experiential gamified education, learning by doing, learning by playing and learning by creating. For this methods the PTT Tools applied for education will be utilized, in particular a Systemic Perception of Human, Natural & Artificial Phenomena, which help the students and teachers develop an holistic and humanist perspective towards knowledge, human culture and civilization, family, peace, life sustainability, heritage, wealth generation, legacy and human potential.

The Head of the Academy is Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.


The LDMF Foundation Academy is dedicated to offer self-education services in the following fields:

  • Gamification – Matrix 9+ Game Generator (Games)
    • The Matrix 9+ Multidimensional Strategy Board Game
  • Symbolic Language (PSL- Primordial Symbolic Language)
  • CGE – Culture Generation Engines
  • Emotional Self-Management
  • Primordial Mathematics
  • Systemic Perception of Human, Natural & Artificial Phenomena (PTT Tools – Primordial Technology Theta)
    • The 9+ Primordial keys
    • The Sleipnir Diary
    • The Golden Tree of Life
    • The 09 Elements & the Heart
    • SWOT 9+
    • Primordial Archetypes of Water & Sound

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